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Silverlight 2 Beta 2 ya esta listo!

Silverlight Durante el Technet de este año, soma anunció la disponibilidad del Beta 2 de Silverlight 2. Bien, el día viernes 6 de junio fue liberado oficialmente y nuestro buen amigo Scott Gu hizo publico el anuncio. Bien, algo muy importante es que este tiene un soporte a una licencia "Go Live", lo cual les permitirá poder poner en producción las aplicaciones que hagan, realmente lo que garantiza es que la versión final no tendrá cambios significativos que pueda impactar su desarrollo sobre el Beta 2.

Quieren conocer un detalle de las nuevas características, aquí les dejo un resumen:

  • Animation
    1. Support for animating custom data points
    2. Object Animation support (animating structs)
  • DeepZoom
    1. New file format completely XML based. Also, there will be a new Deep Zoom Composer tool that will allow you to create these new file types.
    2. MultiScaleTileSource  (implement a tile source to existing tile databases)
    3. Better notifications when sub-images enter the view
  • Controls
    1. New TabControl
    2. DataGrid improvements: Autosize, Reorder, Sort, Performance increase, and more
    3. Calendar now supports multi-selection and blackout dates
    4. Improved Templating Model: Visual State Manager
    5. Control properties changes (Background, Tooltip, FontFamily, FontSize…)
    6. Including controls in the runtime instead of having them packaged in app package
  • TextBox
    1. IME Level 3 input support on Windows and Level 1 on Mac
    2. Text wrapping and multiline selection highlighting in textbox
    3. Scrollbar Support
    4. Document Level Navigation keys
  • Improvements in error handling, reporting
  • Property System/Parser
    1. DependencyProperty.Register/RegisterAttached now supports PropertyMetadata
    2. DependencyObject.ClearValue
    3. Visual Tree Helper
  • Data Binding
    1. Per-binding level validation
    2. Support for element syntax for binding markup extension
    3. Binding to Attached Properties
    4. ItemsControl Extensibility (OnItemsChanged method)
    5. Fallback in Value Conversion (Binding.UnsetValue)
  • Input
    1. Limited keyboard support in FullScreen mode (arrow, tab, enter, home, end, pageup/pagedown, space)
    2. Managed APIs for Inking
  • Networking and Data
    1. Cross Domain support in Sockets
    2. Cross Domain security enhancements
    3. BrowserHttpWebRequest and WebClient callable from BackGround Threads
    4. Upload support for WebClient
    5. UI for isolated storage (ability to change quota)
    6. Duplex communications (“push” from Server to Silverlight client)
    7. LINQ-to-JSON
    8. Configuration support for web service proxies
    9. Significantly improved SOAP interop
    10. “Add New Item” template in Visual Studio for “Silverlight-enabled WCF Service”
    11. ADO.NET Data Services support
  • UIAutomation and Accessibility support in platform
  • Media
    1. Platform support for Adaptive streaming
    2. Silverlight DRM, Powered by PlayReady
    3. Basic SSPL support
  • Localization
    1. Changes in application model for multilingual apps (one xap per supported locale)
    2. Expanded localization languages of runtime and SDK
    3. Japanese SDK Installer and documentation (July 17)
  • Several changes for WPF compatibility
  • Remote Debugging for VB on Mac
  • CLR
    1. Developer Runtime Package facilitate development (localized strings, debugging binaries, etc)
    2. Support the OS fallback logic for resources
    3. CurrentCulture and CurrentUICulture Isolation
  • DLR
    1. Performance improvements
    2. Various new DLR and IronPython 2.0 Beta 2 language features
    3. Various new IronRuby Features

Para un informe mas detallado visiten el siguiente Link

Les estoy preparando una serie de artículos sobre Silverlight 2 Beta 2, así que estén pendientes.

Links Para bajar las herramientas:


Nota: Silverlight 2 beta 2 corre tanto en VS 2008 RTM, así como tambien en VS 2008 SP 1


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